LED Turntable Kit

The world's first LED lighting system for vinyl record turntables.

Illuminate your vinyl experience.

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Toploaders & Sleeves

Our Vinyl Record Toploaders and Sleeves offer maximum protection for your vinyl collection.

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"Hibiki" Carbon Fiber Slipmat

Our "Hibiki" Carbon Fiber Slipmat is woven from premium quality carbon fiber.

We chose carbon fiber for its natural vibration dampening abilities that ensure optimal playback of your vinyl collection.

Carbon fiber's naturally anti-static property also allows for noise and static-free listening.

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Vinyl Record Brushes

Our 100% all-natural Sapele Mahogany vinyl record brushes offer a gentle yet effective method of safely cleaning your collection.

The ergonomic handles allow listeners to clean their records effortlessly and thoroughly.

Complete your record cleaning routine with our Vinyl Record Brushes from Vinyl Supply Co.

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LED Turntable Kit Installation Guide Video