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Vinyl Record Toploader 7mm Hard Outer Sleeves

Vinyl Record Toploader 7mm Hard Outer Sleeves

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Our motto at Vinyl Supply Co. is "Maximum protection for your vinyl collection."

Introducing our Vinyl Record Toploader Hard Outer Sleeve - the best option for storing and protecting your vinyl records.

• 7mm (7 millimeter) THICKNESS: Our Vinyl Record Toploader Hard Outer Sleeves are designed for single and gatefold albums up to 7 millimeters in thickness.

• MADE FROM PVC: Our Toploaders are made from premium quality, crystal clear PVC plastic.

• IMPACT RESISTANCE: Protect your vinyl records and albums from dropping and falling.

• LIGHWEIGHT: Our Toploaders weigh less than 5 ounces, making them incredibly lightweight while offering maximum protection.

• FITS 12" SINGLE & GATEFGOLDS: Our Toploaders will fit most 12" single and gatefold albums.

• EASY TO CLEAN: PVC is very easy to wipe and clean, leaving your collection spotless.

• COMPATIBLE WITH SOFT OUTER SLEEVES: Our Toploaders can be used in combination with our Vinyl Supply Soft Outer Sleeves.

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  • Compatible with Outer Sleeves

    We designed our toploaders to work with soft outer sleeves, like our UV-Resistant 4 mil Soft Outer Sleeves.

  • Premium Protection

    Our Vinyl Record Outer Sleeve Toploaders are 7 mil (.007") thick to give your vinyl collection the ultimate level of protection.

  • Fits 12" Single & Gatefold LPs

    The 12" Vinyl Record Toploader fits single and gatefold LP's.

  • Crystal Clear Hard PVC

    Our Vinyl Record Outer Sleeve Toploaders are constructed with premium grade crystal clear PVC plastic.