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UV-Resistant 4 mil (.004") Soft Outer Sleeves

UV-Resistant 4 mil (.004") Soft Outer Sleeves

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Our motto at Vinyl Supply Co. is "Maximum protection for your vinyl collection."

Introducing the UV-Resistant 4 mil (.004") Soft Outer Sleeve - the best option on the market for storing and protecting your vinyl records. Made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), we've chosen this material for its unique benefits over typical polypropylene sleeves.

Here's what sets our outer sleeves apart from all the others:

• HDPE IS MORE DURABLE: The elastic nature of HDPE makes it more tear and puncture-resistant compared to traditional polypropylene sleeves.

• 4MM THICKNESS: Our outer sleeves are 3x-4x thicker than most on the market, providing unbeatable protection for your vinyl records.

• SOFTER TEXTURE: Our sleeves' smoother texture makes them gentler on your records jackets and prevents friction against other sleeved vinyl.

• LESS STATIC EQUALS BETTER SOUND: The higher mass density of our sleeves reduces static and diminishes background noise, resulting in improved sound quality.

• UV-RESISTANT TINT: Our HDPE is specially formulated with a UV-resistant tint that safeguards your records from sun and UV damage.

• BEST VALUE ON THE MARKET: Our outer sleeves are priced more affordably than others, even with all the added benefits of our 4mm UV-Resistant High-Density Polyethylene Outer Sleeves.

• DON'T TRUST YOUR RECORDS TO JUST ANY OUTER SLEEVE - choose the unparalleled protection of our High-Density Polyethylene UV-Resistant Outer Sleeves from Vinyl Supply Co.


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  • Compatible with 7 mil Toploader Sleeves

    Our UV-Resistant 4 mil Soft Outer sleeves are compatible with our 7 mil Toploader Hard Outer Sleeves.

  • Thicker Than The Rest

    Our Premium Grade Vinyl Record Soft Outer Sleeves are 4 mil thick to give your vinyl collection the ultimate level of protection.

  • Fits 12" Single & Gatefold LPs

    The 12" UV-Resistant 4mm Soft Outer Sleeve fits single and gatefold LP's

  • Helps Reduce Sunlight & UV Damage

    Our specially formulated high-density polyethylene helps to reduce glare and damaging effects caused by sunlight and UV-radiation.