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Vinyl Record Velvet Brush Pad

Vinyl Record Velvet Brush Pad

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- 100% natural Sapele Mahogany handle with premium quality microfiber velvet.

- The perfect brush pad for maintaining your vinyl record collection.

- Gentle and safe way to remove dust and debris from your records.

- Ergonomic handle design ensures comfortable and efficient use.

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  • 100% All-Natural

    Our Vinyl Record Velvet Brush Pad is made from 100% All-Natural Sapele Mahogany.

  • Premium Quality Velvet

    Our Velvet Brush Pads are made from premium quality microfiber velvet.

  • Anti-Static Brush Pad

    Velvet's natural anti-static properties ensure listeners enjoy noise-free playback.

  • Effortless Cleaning

    The ergonomically designed all-natural Sapele Mahogany wood handles allow you to clean your stylus needle effortlessly,